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Providing upscale, responsible

beverage services for events of all types.

Operating primarily in Campbell River

and the Comox Valley, with the ability

to travel Vancouver Island and beyond.
Striving to make your event the best experience, we offer top-notch services with intent to exceed expectations.

Everything bar related is taken care of -

additional hidden gems included!


πŸ₯‚ Booking 2022 - 2023 Dates πŸ₯‚




Certified Professional Bartenders are available to serve a basic bar, utilizing the liquor, materials, and workstation provided by the host / venue.


Minimum Charge = $400.00


1 Bartender + 1 Barback

Up to 4 Hours of Service

Up to 50 Guests


Craft Cocktails require Add-Ons:

Bar Equipment + Glassware Rental

Additional Staff [As Needed]


4' - 6' - 8’ - 10’ - 14' - 16'

Rustic Style Bar + Hutch

     4 Hour Pre-Event Setup +

     2 Hour Post-Event Breakdown

Flexible Hours of Service

Craft Bartenders + Support Staff

Bar Tools + Equipment

Glassware + Plastic Cups

Custom Menus + Quantity Evaluation

     Includes Mocktails + Water

Premium / Crafted Mixers + Garnishes

Standard + Crafted Bar Ice

Liquor Purchase / Pickup / Delivery

     + Processing Eligible Returns

Material Shopping + Pre-Event Prep

Consultation Hours

Bar DΓ©cor + Florals

Special Event Permit Application Support

Liquor Liability Insurance / Serving It Right

     Food Safe



Overtime Hours

Coffee + Tea


Minimum Charge: $1250.00

       + Liquor / Materials


Securing Your Event

A non-refundable retainer fee of $250.00 is required to dedicate our services to your event, and unlocks access to customized cocktail menus. If cancellation of services is requested, this non-refundable fee will cover the costs associated with consultation hours, menu creation, and finding a replacement booking for your date. Finalization of event details will be requested 4 weeks prior to the event date, and the non-refundable full payment of Services + Liquor / Materials 2 weeks prior to the event date. Payments can be sent via etransfer [wildcoastcocktails@gmail.com] or credit card [Square +3% processing fee].

Events booked within 14 days notice may incur an additional service fee.


Special Event Permits / Drink Sales

If your event is hosted at a public venue, a Special Event Permit will be required to serve liquor. This permit must be in the name of a sober guest with valid / non-expired Serving It Right certification - if certification needs to be obtained or updated, the 4 hour online course can be found here. If you plan to recover costs by charging for drinks, you will have to declare the charges on the permit and pay the associated sales taxes. Events hosting an open bar pay only the base cost of the permit. For sanitation and liability reasons, Wild Coast Cocktails Staff do not handle cash transactions in exchange for drinks on the bar - if selling drinks through a Special Event Permit, please arrange conversion of cash to drink tickets with someone attending your event.

If your event is hosted on private property, a Special Event Permit cannot be obtained and liquor cannot be sold. Instead, consider having a donation jar for guests to contribute to your overall event costs.


Bar Station Setup + Breakdown

Our workstations require a flat, covered, 10’ x 10' to 15' x 15' service area, ideally near power, accessible as much as possible with our truck and utility trailer, off-site / vendor parking (40'), and bathroom access for staff. Access to a washing area for barware is helpful, but not required.

Pre-event setup can take up to 4 hours, therefore we request access to the venue earlier in the day [or the day prior] to allow plenty of time to prepare for service. Post-event breakdown and cleanup can take 2-3 hours, and will start 1 hour prior to service end - at this time, glassware will switch to plastic cups to ensure all pieces are collected by the end of service.


Tips for Bar Staff

You have the choice of adding either an 18% Gratuity to the total service cost, or including Tip Jars / Square on the bar for guests to leave shared cash / card tips for Wild Coast Cocktails staff [or both]. Wild Coast Cocktails Bar Staff will be responsible for all liquor service related duties, including responsible beverage service and glassware maintenance.


Selecting Your Menu

Custom menus are created for all tastes and budgets. All craft selections are made with premium ingredients.

Hosts are responsible for covering the costs of liquor + fresh materials: costs vary depending on selections.

Average Serving Cost = $2.00 - $6.00

Average 1 Serving / Guest / Hour

Unopened liquor purchased from BC Liquor Stores can be returned for full refund credit. Open liquor, specialty / local selections, and fresh materials are non-refundable.


All Liquor Served

Accurate Guest Count is vital for Accurate Total Servings: not enough supply risks running out early, too much supply risks unnecessary waste and large liquor returns [10% restocking fee may be deducted from total liquor return, as per BC Liquor Store return policy]. We strive to provide an accurate estimate of how much liquor + materials to supply based on the number of guests, menu selections, and average consumption [light, moderate, heavy], to be confirmed by the host prior to event service. If the bar is understocked and runs out of drinks during service, the bar will shut down earlier than the scheduled end time. Liquor store runs during service are not allowed, and will not be offered if the bar runs out of drinks before service end time, or if special requests are made outside of the prior discussed and provided drink menu.


Travel + Overnight Accommodations

Events requesting services outside our primary area of Campbell River + Comox Valley will include additional service charges to cover the costs of travel and overnight accommodations, as needed.


Damages / Altercations / Harassment

Any physical, verbal, sexual altercations or harassment will instantly forfeit any services with Wild Coast Cocktails.

Hosts are responsible for guest's behavior, and any damages incurred by misconduct.



Event Inquiries - Please Include:

Date of Event

Guest Count

Location / Venue

Hours of Service

Menu Requests

Bar Service Details / Budget

Additional Event Information


*Replies may take up to 72 hours*

Direct Email: wildcoastcocktails@gmail.com


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